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Screen capture of Patrick Watson, Into Giants - video
Patrick Watson
Screen capture of Chilly Gonzales, You Can Dance - video
Chilly Gonzales
You Can Dance

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Welcome to Wave 1049 Online!

We are an indie / alternative Internet radio station featuring a library of thousands of songs that you're going to love along with many that you already do! If ordinary radio stations aren't doin' it for you, then choose your stream below.

Listeners from Germany, please click here.

We provide two separate streams. The 64 kbps AAC stream is more efficient, but it doesn't work on all systems. So click on the 64 kbps AAC stream (below) first, then if it doesn't work, the 128 kbps MP3 stream will. iPhone and Android users can use either stream. BlackBerry users may need to download an app — click here for more info..

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If the 64 kbps AAC stream doesn't work on your system, but you'd like it to, then you can download and install WinAmp and you'll be all set. If you end up liking the station, and the 64k stream doesn't work on your system, we encourage you to install WinAmp. You can also choose your operating system in the upper right corner of any page on the site and listen that way.

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We also feature lots of video content, as you can see, and we'll keep you up to speed with new releases by Wave artists and other music-related news. Follow us on Twitter and/or Facebook (left side of the page) to stay up-to-date.

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Wave 1049 Online is completely listener supported. If you like what you hear, then please consider making a donation by clicking the Donate button at the top of the left column of any page on the site. Thank you to all of our contributors!

Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter! Help spread the word!

Radio is fun, but it's also a lot of work. Your support is most appreciated!

Human Reproductive System - By the numbers
Image of Gerri Santoro

I know. You mean well. You want to protect the babies from their perhaps, misguided, would-be moms who, for whatever reason, don't wish to bring a child into the world at this time. You regard abortion as murder...

Here's a new and different discussion on the matter of choice.

Screen capture of Laura_Mvula, That's Alright - video
Laura Mvula
That's Alright
Here's a fairly new artist that you need to know about

Laura Mvula is a soul/jazz singer from Birmingham. England. She cites English R&B group Eternal as an influence, but her harmonies are reminiscent of Imogen Heap. She also cites Jill Scott, Erykah Badu and Lauren Hill as influences.

Image of Laura Mvula

She has a degree in composition from the Birmingham Conservatoire, and is the director of the Lichfield Community Gospel Choir.

Her EP She was released in November, 2012, and her debut full-length CD, Sing to the Moon dropped on March 4th, 2013.

If pop music makes you fear for the future of mankind, then Laura Mvula is someone you want to get to know. An hour on her website is very well-wasted.

Screen capture of Kimbra, Cameo Lover - video
Cameo Lover
Unexpectedly awesome!
Screen capture of Kimbra, Withdraw - video
Not just another pop star!

"Open up your heart to me. The sun won't shine if you're not looking."
She is the female voice on Gotye's Somebody that I used to Know. Her performance on that song clearly demonstrates that she's got pipes, her performance of Cameo Lover (first video, right) shows that she's got moves, and her performance of Withdraw shows that she's got soul, vocal range, and that there's so much more to her than the ordinary bubble-gum pop or X-rated non-music that we've got from so many pop stars since the advent of the Disco era, the beginning of the end of listenable, enjoyable pop radio, at least in the U.S. Kimbra is a welcome respite from the poorly conceived, poorly written noise that we get from so many pop stars nowadays, and a most welcome addition to the library on this station. She also plays a pretty mean guitar.

Watch the first video to fall in love with her, and the second to be blown away. If you're easily moved, you may want to watch it alone. You've been warned. Then, there's Warrior, which shows a heavy Mark Foster influence, à la Foster the People. Too much awesome rolled into one artist. Two artists, as Mark's pretty awesome, too. A-Trak? We'll get back to you on that.

"I'm ready to shake these stars from me, but I can't withdraw your heart from mine..."
Album Cover, Vows, by Kimbra

While you're here, check out Joss Stone covering Broken Bells' The High Road. 2 clips for this presentation, the first an in-studio acoustic performance, the second a live, full band performance Under the Bridge in London. Toward the end of the first clip, she discusses her methods of music selection and her personal requirement that process of making music be "not work." Fine performances, both.

Are you a bad driver?

Image of the puppy

Don't be silly... of course you are! Inefficient, dangerous, not paying attention, throwing money away over some seriously bad driving habits. It's not your fault, though. It's because the driver's manual really sucks!

That, and because you're not applying the simple, rudimentary physics that you learned in high school — you were paying attention, right?

But the question is what has this got to do with the puppy?


Taylor Mali — What Teachers Make

"Those who can, do, while those who can't teach." Not something you want to say to this guy!

Screen capture of Taylor Mali, What Teachers Make - video

Got a smartphone? Listen on the go! Click the iPhone or BlackBerry link in the upper right-hand corner to learn about TuneIn, an awesome Internet radio application for the iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry platforms.

Or, just click here...

For home and office listening convenience, consider an Internet radio. They're a about the size of a clock-radio, but they sound sooo much better. They use your home or office wireless network to listen to just about any Internet radio station in the entire world, including Wave 1049 Online, at the push-of-a-button. No need to boot-up the computer. You can even easily connect one of these to your home stereo for static-free, awesome digital sound!

Click here to learn more about Internet radios.

Grace Digital Internet Radio
iLuv Internet Radio

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Screen capture of Warrior - video
Kimbra, Mark Foster, & A-Trak
Screen capture of The High Road (Acoustic) - video
Joss Stone covering Broken Bells'
The High Road
Another must-see video
Screen capture of Gary Clark, Jr., Ain't Messin' Round - video
Gary Clark, Jr.
Ain't Messin' Round
Screen capture of Delta Rae, Bottom of the River - video
Delta Rae
Bottom of the River
Screen capture of Ben Folds Five, Do It Anyway
Ben Folds Five
Do It Anyway

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Ubuntu Logo

Ubuntu is a computer operating system, somewhat like Windows or Mac OS X. Unlike Windows & Mac, it is maintained and supported by thousands of people from all over the world, for whom their work is more a labor of love than a for-profit venture.

Ubuntu supports thousands of software packages capable of doing just about anything you can imagine, from spreadsheets & documents to audio and video production, electronic and mechanical design, website hosting, database management, photographic manipulation, image creation - if you can imagine it, there is software that can help you do it, and...

It's all free.   The operating system is free, and with very rare exception, all of the software titles are free. You can use the software on as many computers as you like with no worries about cost or software licenses. It's all free.No need to register any software - no one knows or cares who you are, no one is going to try and sell you anything, no strange, annoying pop-ups, no advertisements, no viruses, no unexplainable losses in performance after a year or so of operation, no so-called bloatware... just a system that works. For free!

This is not to say that commercial software is bad - it's not, in and of itself, bad. What it is is expensive. It serves little purpose to purchase software that you may end up not using to its full benefit when there exists perfectly excellent software that you can use all you want - for free. Thousands and thousands of applications serving thousands of needs available for no charge - ever.

Ubuntu is just one of many fine Linux-based operating systems. Others include: Linux Mint, Mandriva, Fedora, Debian, Arch, openSUSE, too many to list here, most of which are very good, so why Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is excellent for people who've never used a Linux-based operating system before. It is superbly configured for computer users — people from all walks of life who don't happen to be computer experts — rather people who want to use their computers and not spend large amounts of time tweaking or troubleshooting them. Ubuntu just works. Very well. And for free!

Linux-based operating systems don't tend to support playing MP3 files or DVDs right from the start — additional software (free software) must be added after the initial installation in order to get that, but Ubuntu makes this quite easy. Linux Mint has MP3 & DVD support right from the start, and their desktop environment is a bit snappier than Ubuntu's, but you can fix Ubuntu by launching the Software Center and installing the Gnome (or Cinnamon) Desktop Environment (just type Gnome or Cinnamon into the search box). We like Ubuntu's Software Center just a little bit more than Linux Mint's, but as Mint is built upon the Ubuntu foundation, either OS is a perfect starting point for a Linux newbie.

Fedora, Mandriva, Debian, Arch, openSuse, all excellent operating systems, but not for Linux newbies.

This entire website was created on an Ubuntu desktop operating system. This website is hosted on a dedicated server running Ubuntu Server 10.04, which is way out-of-date and beyond continued support, but it just works, so we don't care to upgrade — we don't need to. In addition, that server hosts the websites for Savannah Radio Online, and Golden Gate Greats, in San Francisco.

Ubuntu is Linux for human beingsCheck it out! Or, check out Linux Mint, which is a bit more freindly than Ubuntu, because of the awesome Cinnamon desktop.

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